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Legacy update

A beautiful timer and alarm screen

Magma Evo
Legacy update

Redefine your Control Center

Legacy update

Colorize your music!

Mitsuha Forever
Legacy update

Universal audio visualizer for iOS

Xenon v. 1.1.3 Chariz
Legacy update

Easy-to-use file server, making it very easy to view and manage your iOS filesystem from a computer, including local files and photos!

Zinnia v. 1.1.5 Chariz
Legacy update

A wonderful neon overhaul for your lock screen!

Atria v. 1.3.2 Chariz
Legacy update

A proper homescreen layout editor for iOS 13-15

Lyricify v. 2.1.4-1 Chariz
Legacy update

The ultimate lyrics tweak for iOS!

Alderis Color Picker
Legacy update

Color picker support library for tweaks

Support library for tweaks